Captain Message:

“The way Pak cricket club is progressing, I can see that all boys are into a spirited unit and I am very hopeful and believe that we can do something special.”

History of the Club:

Pak cricket club is established in 1999 and it one of the best club in Lahore city which provides good facilities to their players and staff. We are welcome and courage new players in our club of any age.

In the past Pak cricket club started playing cricket with taped ball cricket but with the passage of time and with good organization it became a proper hard ball cricket club in 1999.

Now we have more than 10 members in the club who are supporting Pak cricket club in all the ways that a club needed.  Pak cricket has a beautiful ground outside of the city in the field, open area, lots of trees etc.

Within Pak cricket club, we have some coaches available for you, where you can send your children from age 10-18 for learning in all areas of cricket. We are also trying to provide proper education to all the players and newcomer youngsters.

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